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The Remarkable Betty Fain

Former Homeless Woman Becomes Face of Austal USA Billboard Campaign

Mobile, AL — A former homeless shelter client will soon land a gig as the face of Austal USA’s new billboard campaign. Betty Fain, a 52 year-old New Jersey native, said she never would have been able to achieve this kind of success were it not for Dumas Wesley Community Center’s transitional housing program.

While at Dumas Wesley, Fain found sobriety and opportunity. In 2010, while attending school and working part-time, Fain heard about the Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT) Maritime Welding Program. Fain successfully completed AIDT’s training program and was offered her dream job at Austal USA as second-class welder. One year later Fain was recommended to be a part of Austal’s new billboard campaign promoting job-readiness.

“This was a golden opportunity – once in a lifetime,” said Fain. “I really felt empowered, like I can do anything. It feels so good to know that people believe in you – Dumas Wesley and Austal are a God-send.”

“We hold Betty up as one of many examples of how our clients can really become great, productive members of the community,” said Kate Carver, executive director of the Dumas Wesley Community Center.

In honor of Fain’s tremendous accomplishments, Dumas Wesley has created the Fain Campaign. Founding members of the Fain Campaign – Austal USA, Mercy Medical, and the Sybil Smith Charitable Trust – have laid the foundation for this circle. Austal has taken the lead by pledging multi-year commitments to expand and enrich the impact of the programs offered by the Crichton community center. Click here for more information.

“Ms. Fain has amply proven herself; in fact she has stepped up to become a member of our elite fire brigade team,” said Joe Rella, president and CEO of Austal USA. “At a time when job creation is of paramount importance for our state and our nation, Dumas Wesley is delivering a program that puts the unemployed back to work. Our investment in this agency has a measurable return in human resources.”

Dumas Wesley will be issuing a call-to-action for more Mobile Area businesses to join Austal and Sybil Smith Charitable Trust in supporting the job-creating programs of Dumas Wesley.

Betty Fain, former client of Dumas Wesley’s Sybil H.  Smith Transitional Housing Program, overcame the conditions that led to her homelessness and is now an advocate for homeless prevention and independent living. Austal USA and the Fain Campaign’s Founding members represent a bold promise to end chronic homelessness and support job- readiness.

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