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The Sybil H. Smith Family Village transitional housing program began serving families and women experiencing homelessness in 1999. To date, we have served over 431 families experiencing  homelessness.  Referrals to the transitional housing program are received from our community connections network which can be accessed at 15 Place.

The Sybil H. Smith Family Village transitional housing program seeks to help families experiencing homelessness establish and maintain self-sufficiency. The program combines transitional housing of up to 24 months with on-site support services as well as referrals to other community agencies and institutions.

Major program goals are:

  • To meet families’ immediate need for stable housing, so they are free to work on overcoming obstacles to self-sufficiency.
  • Help families obtain job skills and educational skills so they can financially support their families.
  • Help families overcome other critical obstacles such as lack of affordable childcare or other resources needed to work outside the home.
  • Help families recover from and avoid the trauma which homelessness and lack of economic stability causes to their health, self-esteem and emotional development.
  • Help families secure and retain permanent housing when they complete the Family Village program.

Each family is assessed at time of entry into the program and a detailed case management plan is formulated. Last year, residents were referred to twenty-nine different United Way agencies. Each resident meets at least once weekly with the case manager to review goals and achievements. Life Skills classes are provided in employment readiness and retention, parenting, budgeting, relationship skills, health issues and other skills necessary to live independently. Each resident volunteers an average of 30 hours per quarter in the community.

Please contact Sybil H. Smith Family Village for further information on eligibility requirements and
application procedures. 251-473-5526

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In order to support our programs and services, Sybil H. Smith Family Village relies heavily on donations from individuals, churches, companies and foundations. We’re grateful to you for giving your time to help us meet critical needs for our residents at the Village. All donations are tax deductible.

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